July 26, 2014 Releases  5 comments

ArimintySo you guys be like, "What, who is this Ariminty? Do we have to deal with another person to release our chapters?" and my answer to that is "If you look in any chapter of Namaikizakari, you'll find me in the credits. And yes, you do have to deal with me. In fact, you guys should be glad to have been graced by my glorious existence."

Have you been waiting at the edge of your seats, aching to

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July 17, 2014 News & AnnouncementsReleases  9 comments

JoeyHey ^^

I'm just going to go straight to the point: These releases wouldn't have been possible without ALL the AMAZING and dedicated people that worked on it! They're just FANTASTIC!!! Make sure to thank them when you get a chance! Ah! OR visit them on our forum where we all hangout, making random topics and playing games to increase our post count LOL

Reasons for Namai 1 Ver. 2 - 1.) Our

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July 16, 2014 Releases  2 comments


First time releasing so nice to meet you all!! ^_^

Hope you guysl are having a fantastic summer so far! I wonder how it is for you guys, but where I'm from its SUPERRRR HOT and SUPERR BRIGHT until like 9 at night so every time I leave my house, I'm always blinded and dying under the sun ;A; It sucks how the one year I make a determination to become more pale, it's the year where I

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Biyaku WHAT?!

July 7, 2014 Releases  2 comments

MaiWell, my day was pretty awesome. Kinda hot, but pretty good. I felt good, until few minutes ago. Now I'm just really upset and I just feel like smacking someone in the face.


BUT... let's not talk about the bad things. Lets all rejoice , because guess what? We have your beloved Biyaku Café releases prepared for today. ^^ How incredible is that?!  know, I know, you

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Happy Fourth of July!!! & Happy Friday!!!

July 4, 2014 Releases  6 comments

KellyHey Guys! Happy Fourth of July to everyone!!! For those living in the US, enjoy our independence day's celebration while for those who live outside of the US, Happy Friday !

Hope you guys are having a fantastic summer. :D I know for sure that I am. I spent my first month of summer in Vietnam. OMG was it hot and humid over there. I am so glad that the places where I stayed had A.C. Can't live

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June 28, 2014 Releases  5 comments

CrescenceHi guys, it's been kinda hot and mushy lately over here, I wonder how it is over there.


Uh... to be honest I don't really have anything interesting to say.


Soon it'll be a year since I started working here in Japan. I really like it here, but I don't really like my workplace. So just yesterday I was lectured by this one girl of my age in my workplace about how I play my

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Glad We Met Part 2

June 26, 2014 Releases  5 comments

2Well, it's been almost a week now since part 1, but it still counts. ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=┌( ̄ー ̄)┘

To create this post, it took both of us (Joey and me) months to figure out what we want to do and what we want to write on this day. Heck, it took us several days to figure out on what exact day did we meet. We thought for the longest time that it was June 28th, but later we found out that we made first

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Glad We Met Part 1

June 20, 2014 Releases  4 comments


For most people, today is just like any other day, but not for me. Today's SPECIAL!! SO VERY VERY VERY SPECIAL!!

Where... To begin?

It was June 20, 2013. I was on Skype chatting with Azura (0ur founder) and Vinny (our co-founder). Everything was going pretty well until.... DUN! DUN! DUN! Azura invited some girl into our chat!

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Rain, rain, please go away.

June 19, 2014 News & AnnouncementsReleases  4 comments

JoeyGather around one and all on this special day!

Today is the BIRTHDAY of one of our oldest PROOFREADERS! I would like to make a toast.


Today we celebrate the birthday of RSWD.
NO NO, I don't mean old in age, I meant old in wisdom and experience.
And true, this is the day that I picked as her birthday, the palindrome of mine, and it

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June 2, 2014 News & AnnouncementsReleases  3 comments

JoeyI just watched Zombieland! It's good and you know what, I think it's quite possible for zombies to exist with the way technology has advanced today! Anyways, now that I've watched this movie and heard one of my best friends apocalyptic dreams... I've made a decision. I'm going to apply to work at a gun range! I refuse to go down without a fight if there's ever a time when zombies are crawling all

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